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20 July 2011, Wednesday
The Big Bang Theory: On multiverses, and gossip

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A post today at Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True, discusses multiverses (the idea of multiple universes) as yet another grassed over pit for scientists and the religiously-impaired to fall into.

One reader mentioned the big bang... and I thought of the TV show and wrote...

Speaking of "the big bang" theory, the TV show of that name did an opening send-up of the multiple universe idea this season.

The show's two biggest/brightest & therefore socially inept characters -- Emmy winner Jim Parsons and former child star Mayim Bialik (Blossom) -- attend, for fun, an author's event at their local bookstore (clearly fiction, based on this anachronism).

The book is portrayed as science-lite, while the actor who plays the author is Brian Greene, PhD (Columbia U physicist and child prodigy himself, like the Jim Parsons character). The segment cites some evolutionary biology as well. A sing-along is provided at the end.

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